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Ornos Beach, Mykonos
Τel.: +30 22890 23216


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*Contact us from 13:00-20.00 at +30 22890 23216 for confirmation.


Ornos Beach, Mykonos, Τel.: +30 22890 23216


Welcome to magnificent Ornos Beach
at Pasaji Restaurant!

Pasaji means passage through countries, kitchens,

aromas & awaits for you from

morning till dawn in an idillyc location on the beach

and tempts you to savour unmatched dishes.

Pasaji means passage through countries, kitchens & aromas!

Following the concept of its sister restaurant in the center of Athens, awaits for you from morning till dawn in an idyllic location

on the beach and tempts you to savour unmatched dishes, relax on the sand while refreshing

yourselves with unique exclusive cocktails and to enjoy the sea in the nested beach of Ornos.
An unparalleled gastronomic experience that celebrates

the diversity and commonality of Greek, Italian and Asian cuisine.

A menu that is based on the purest local ingredients combined with the aromas of the East, creating a unique fusion menu.

All inspired by Executive Chef John Vidalis & Chef Stratos Chronakis.

Pasaji Seaside


Pasaji Seaside

Relaxing sun beds, vibrant music, cocktails right next to the clear blue waters of magnificent Ornos beach. An idyllic beach stretching right in front of Pasaji Mykonos

that calls you to start your day with freshly-roasted coffees and refreshing fruit juices

as well as delicious finger foods, light snacks or sushi while enjoying the sun and the sea..

Just a few steps away from the beach in a subtle lounge setting,

the azure pool of Pasaji Mykonos invites you to relax on the comfy

sun beds and inviting sofas.

The unique location is shared with the 5* Mykonos Blanc Hotel.



Shisha & Cocktails


Hookah & Cocktails

Relax and indulge into an original Shisha experience overlooking the crystal waters of Ornos beach.

Choose among the special hookah blends and observe the shisha preparation ritual.

Elevate your experience through a variety of exclusive cocktails, crafted with unexpected ingredients,

which the executive mixologist of Pasaji Mykonos bartenders'.





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Ornos Beach, Mykonos Island

+30 22890 23216

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Monday – Sunday: 08:00am – 01:00am