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Pasaji Mykonos

An Ornos beach restaurant offering an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

Woman relaxing against the wall of the pasaji ornos beach restaurant wearing a hat.
A couple sitting on a sun lounger in the shade of an umbrella on ornos beach enjoying shisha

at Ornos Beach Mykonos

Pasaji means passage through countries, kitchens & aromas! Following the concept of its sister restaurant in the center of Athens, awaits for you from morning till dawn in an idyllic location on the beach and tempts you to savour unmatched dishes, relax on the sand while refreshing yourselves with unique exclusive cocktails and to enjoy the sea in the nested beach of Ornos.

All inspired by Executive Chef John Vidalis & Chef Stratos Chronakis.

Our Menu

An unparalleled gastronomic experience that celebrates the diversity and commonality of Greek, Italian and Asian cuisine. A menu that is based on the purest local ingredients combined with the aromas of the East, creating a unique fusion menu.

A delicious dessert by pasaji mykonos in ornos beach made with pastry and creme.

Hookah & Cocktails

Relax and indulge into an original Shisha experience on our comfortable colorful sofas, overlooking the crystal waters of Ornos beach.

Pasaji Seaside

Relaxing sun beds, vibrant music, cocktails right next to the clear blue waters of magnificent Ornos beach.

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The Pasaji Mykonos official logo in white with a large yellow egg shaped ball as a symbol.